EdCo Latam Consulting

Regional Representation

Since 2019,

EdCo LATAM Consulting has played a crucial role as a partner for educational institutions looking to achieve their recruitment and engagement goals from Latin America.

Through our Regional Representation service, we provide in-country resources and expertise that institutions rely on. This includes deploying dedicated regional representatives across the region as well as providing an expert team to customize strategies, forge partnerships, and meet recruitment goals effectively.

Through our Regional Representation service
your institution will benefit from:

Permanent Market Presence

With a deployed Regional Representative your institution will have permanent market presence, coupled with local expertise.

Strategic Support

As the Latin American market is constantly evolving we will support your institution with ongoing advice on the best strategies in the region.

Agent Engagement

Through an already established agent network your institution will gain access to some of the highest performing agents in Latin America.

High School Engagement

Due to strong relationships already established with a network of schools across Latin America, your institution will gain access to high quality institutions across the region.

Conversion Activities

Conversion activities will be undertaken by local staff who are fully trained and have cultural and language capabilities with the objective of increasing conversion levels.

Marketing and Budget Support

Having advised a large number of international university partners on planning their marketing activity and budget allocation, your institution will receive strong knowledge and experience to gain the best results.

Event Planning and Attendance

Through many years of prior experience, EdCo LATAM Consulting will advise your institution on which events to attend with the strongest return on investment.

Sponsors and Loans

With an already established network of sponsor and loan entities, your institution will gain access to key contacts and benefit from increased recruitment via sponsored students.

Partnership Development

Your institution will be supported with partnership development with the aim of creating articulation agreements with Latin American higher education institutions.


Our Consultancy division takes on customized projects for various partners, spanning initiatives such as transnational education development, agent network establishment, forging partnerships with Latin American universities for dual degree programs, and branding endeavours. Our partners encompass both higher education institutions and government departments.

Through our Consultancy division your institution will benefit from a team of experts for projects such as:

Agent Introductions

Identifying and introducing key agents from the EdCo network that fit with the partner┬┤s proposition.

Sponsor and Loan Engagement

Introducing partners to key Sponsor and Loan contacts with the aim of creating a partnership.

Dual Degree Development

Identifying higher education institutions in Latin America with the goal of creating double degrees and TNE engagement for our partners.

High School Network Development

Identifying and introducing key schools that fit with the partner proposition and developing relationships with key counsellors.